Saturday, November 26, 2011

TIP Team Symmetry’s Insignia heats up in SEM 2011 Malaysia

Seven teams, comprising the country’s best and brightest engineering students, from the six of the Philippines' top engineering universities, the TIP Team Symmetry was one of the country’s official contingents in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2011 last July 6-9 at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. With their vehicle’s name “Insignia,” the Team Symmetry represented the Team Philippines in the International Competition, dragging with them their own design of “energy-efficient vehicle.”

History of Shell Eco-Marathon

The Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2011 is an annual competition which is held by the Shell to create a new alternative energy-efficient vehicle based on EES criteria (Economical, Eco-friendly andSafety). It started in 1939 at the Shell Research Laboratory in the United States as a friendly wager between scientists to perceive who could obtain themost miles per gallon from their vehicles. As of these humble beginnings, Shell Eco-Marathon Europe began in 1985 in France, running almost 25 years in Europe. Last July2010, the first Shell Eco-Marathon in Asia was launched, a testimony of their flourishing events in Europe and America.

Tougher team in the upcoming SEM 2012

Team Symmetry learned a lot from the last competition and made the team more prepared for the upcoming Shell Eco-Marathon 2012. The said competition catered right field for actual applications where the members of the team are able to knock into their potentials.

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