Sunday, February 26, 2012

Science Fair Exhibit 2012 presents Insignia.

Over the years, the Science fair Exhibit has always been an anticipated TIP anniversary highlight. The vigorous and vibrant celebration itself encourages the students to excel in their respective academic expertise. The exhibit itself is an avenue where students are able to showcase the outputs of their hard work, sleepless nights, mind blowing trial and error and numerous check and balances.

         Part of this year’s Science Fair Exhibit is a booth showcasing Team Symmetry’s vehicle entry, Insignia. Students were allowed to observe and criticize the previous vehicle. Comments and suggestions were solicited so as to help the TIP Mileage Team members come up with a competitive vehicle.

 The Science Fair Exhibit also became an avenue where an open-recruitment for the TIP Mileage Team vacant designations and positions was conducted.

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